How We Operate

First of all, thank you for visiting Lily and Company! We all really, really appreciate it. We wanted to take the time to talk to you all about how our business works.

All of the artwork that you see on our website is created by a member of Lily and Company, and has been designed with love from home in Brisbane, Australia. We have partnered with Printful, a global print on demand service, to offer high quality apparel, stickers, homewares, prints and more. 

Our products are fulfilled in a few different places across the globe: Charlotte, North Carolina, Europe locations in Riga, Latvia and Barcelona, Spain, as well as warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. Printful offer a print on demand service. That means that when you place an order with us, a unique and handmade item will be delivered to your door.

Printful is a high quality and efficient fulfilment service, and they allow us to keep giving you items that are of an extremely high quality, that cannot be found elsewhere. 

The financial responsibility of shipping products from the Printful warehouse to your door is on Lily and Company, which is why our prices reflect the cost to manufacture the item and also to ship the item. We use up to date data to make sure that our shipping prices are reasonable.

You pay for the price of shipping when you make your order, and within two days your order will be hand made and sent to you! Because we ship all over the world we have made the decision to incorporate shipping prices into the prices that you see, to make sure that we are not out of pocket when you make an order. If you would like more information on our prices and shipping, please email

Of course, shipping prices depend on where you’re purchasing something from, and where it is being shipped from. This is why we have implemented a ‘standard worldwide shipping fee’ in the price of all of our products. Each product has a unique ‘standard worldwide shipping fee’. For example, to ship a sticker worldwide, it costs $6.50, but to ship a mug, it costs $13.90. 

We are excited to be able to sell the variety of products that we have available on our website. Art and design have been a passion of Lily and Company’s for a very long time, so seeing everything come to fruition is an absolute delight. Every sale that we make is contributing towards the dreams of a small business owner. 

We appreciate your time and energy and hope that you find something that you will love amongst our products!